Entertainment Industry

Serving the entertainment industry since 1999.

  • Easy billing through quick books. Emailing the invoice and w-9 to the Production office.
  • Understanding of the process of Transportation in the entertainment industry.
  • Dedicated to entertainment transportation. I understand the importance of the vehicle getting to the set on time.  This includes the nondescript vehicles as well as hero vehicles.
  • Have a good working relationship with many of the picture car providers in the thirty mile zone.
  • Services include but are not limited to:Vehicle Delivery, equipment delivery, placing equipment and vehicles on stages and platforms.
  • Give me a call to talk about your next project. Thank you.


  • Old Ford Wagon working out at Four Aces

www.1800wetowyou.com-Four Aces

Here are a couple of picture of a truck on a process trailer. When you see actors driving down the street, most often a process trailer is used. It makes it easier for the actors to act and not worry about driving. Next time you see a driving scene, watch how the actor steers the car. Most times it is not noticeable, but once in awhile they just turn it back and forth or not at all.

Truck on process trailer-1


Truck on Process trailer-2