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Towing in The San Fernando Valley Since 1979. Based out of Van Nuys, CA. Towing, Lock outs, Jump Starts.

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I have been towing in the San Fernando Valley since 1979. I have neglected the San Fernando Valley part of my blog. I am based in Van Nuys, but the San Fernando Valley is my home. Sounds like a song. My parents settled in the “Valley” many years ago when I was just a youngster. We came a couple of thousand miles to Los Angeles and if we just would have gone twenty five more miles more  to a nice beach community and…….I digress. Not that the Valley is a bad place now, but ,when you are a kid it seemed like a magical place. I grew up in North Hollywood and the earth seemed to fall off after Sepulveda Blvd. When I was in high school, I had a friend that moved to Canoga Park, that was dirt lot country. I need to get in a time machine and go back and buy some property.

Industries Served:

The San Fernando Valley once had many robust  and important industries that thrived here. Aerospace, automotive and entertainment just to name a few. I have been fortunate to have been involved with the automotive industry and the entertainment industry. I have a dedicated page just for the enterainment industry. Click this link to check it out. Entertainment Industry

Cities Served:

Incorporated cities (independent)

Unincorporated communities

Communities of the San Fernando Valley