Although I do not live in the City of Burbank, I spend a lot of time in Burbank. My wife works in Burbank and I am proud to say my son’s education has been through the Burbank Unified School District. Between my wife’s work and my son’s school and after school activities, I spend an inordinate amount of time in the City of Burbank. The point of all of this is to say I know Burbank pretty well. It is a great city. If you need a tow to, from or within the City of Burbank, give me a call. I would love to help.

Besides work and school, I  love eating in Burbank. One of my favorite places is  Porto’s (cubano). I also love the food trucks on Friday night on Magnolia Blvd.  When I have a job at Universal or Warner Brothers, I pass by The Smoke House every time. I literally have  passed that resturant a thousand times. Well, my son had an AYSO Region 254 meeting there and he was kind enough to invite me along. This is an old school take care of the customer kind of place. Service is excellent and the food is great. My wife, who has eaten there, told me to have the cheesy bread. I would walk a hundred miles for that bread. I might have to go back there and just order the cheesy bread. It might not be the healthiest choice in the world, but who wants to live to be a hundred anyway.

www.1800wetowyou.com-smoke house






This is just one example of the little gems in the City of Burbank. It is a big city with a small city vibe. I should have moved to Burbank when the prices were a little cheaper. So give me a call so I can get a little Burbank food love while I am there. Thank you.